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Monday, May 22, 2017
  • Our Latest Corporate Visit

    It was an honour to have His Excellency, Dr Makio Miyagawa, Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia visit us today, while our partners from the indigenous communities are around for the annual Traditional Knowledge Documentation Workshop.
    Japan Ambassador
  • Everything is Chemistry!

    Another interesting public talk which will be presented by Associate Professor Russell Burrow of Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University. Seats are limited, so grab it now by calling us at +6 082 610610 or email to biosar@sbc.org.my
    Russell Barrow Public Talk Update
  • Check out our upcoming public talk!

    Marine Biodiversity as Starting Point for Drug Discovery and Development by Hendrik Luesch. Call us at +6 082 610610 or drop an email to biosar@sbc.org.my for RSVP.
    Hendrik Luesch Public Talk Updated
  • BioBorneo and Bioeconomy Day 2017

    Organised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia (MOSTI), the Bioeconomy Corporation of Malaysia and supported by the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre was held on 9 May 2017.
  • LitSara® Highlight Events

    LitSara® Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Collaboration between Pullman Hotels, Interhill Group of Companies and Sarawak Biodiversity Centre.
    LitSara CSR 2
  • Genus Distribution in Microalgae Library

    SBC has one of the best Algae Library from Borneo which was set up in a collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation. Contact us if you have an interest.
    Genus Distribution
  • The Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak Visit to SBC

    Exchange of Collaboration Agreement Documents between Mitsubishi Corporation and the Sarawak Biodiversity Council Read More
  • Our dedicated LitSara® website is now live!

    Check out http://www.litsara.com on this essential oil from a plant found in Sarawak and utilised by the indigenous communities. This website also features our online shop and we will continue to update and improve.
  • Can you spot a mouse deer here?

    Check out our cam trap recordings and see what other suprises the forest around SBC has in store for us. Read More
    Trail Cams
  • Come hike with us on our Nature Trails

    These trails promote awareness in environmental education and conservation and also aimed at providing children, students and grown ups alike a learning and experiential jungle trek. Read More
    Nature Trail Sketch 1
  • Interested in purchasing the Silvestrol for research?

    Visit www.naturesara.com for more info.
  • The LitSara® Story

    The following video tells you how the five communities; the Bidayuh of Kampung Kiding, the Lun Bawang of Long Kerebangan, the Lun Bawang of Long Telingan, the Kelabit of Pa' Lungan and the Kelabit of Pa' Ukat work on the LitSara® project. Read More
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Yeo Tiong Chia, Dr
Chief Executive Officer
+6082-610610 ext.128
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Miscellaneous Information:



University of Washington, Seattle
Ph.D. Immunology

Thesis Advisor
Patrick J. Concannon Ph.D.

Ph.D. Thesis Committee Members
Michael J. Bevan Ph.D.
Department of Immunology, University of Washington

Barbara Trask Ph.D.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Paul J. Martin M.D.
School of Medicine, University of Washington


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