Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Folder Seminar on Commercialisation of Research

This folder contains speakers presentation slides.


pdf Bioeconomy Transformation Programme: Opportunities and Incentives (165 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 3.87 MB)
pdf Incentives for Investment in the Bio-industry (81 downloads) Download (pdf, 3.54 MB)
pdf IP Services and Support Towards Commercialisation in Malaysia (88 downloads) Download (pdf, 4.53 MB)
pdf Malaysia's Innovation Agenda (92 downloads) Download (pdf, 4.29 MB)
pdf National Policies and Strategies on R&D Commercialisation in Malaysia (154 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 3.57 MB)
pdf Project Evaluation: How Much can an Idea be Worth? (74 downloads) Download (pdf, 2.41 MB)