Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Photo of Igantius JohnWork experience at SBC was a valuable time in which I got to really find out what I wanted to go into in the future. I was able to be involved in a job that really piqued my interest.

Throughout my training at SBC, I was attached to the Plant Preparation, Extraction and Analytical Chemistry laboratories. I now know what the basic procedures are for receiving plant collections from the field, to preparing them for extraction in the laboratory.

In the Extraction lab, I learnt how to carry out plant extraction using solvents, Clevenger distillation and many other processes.

Under the Analytical Chemistry laboratory, I was given the opportunity to use the GCMS which is an instrument that I used to analyze my samples. Other than the GCMS I also learned the HPLC workflow and other processes.

I am expecting to gain more knowledge and experience in SBC during my attachment here as I will also be assigned to the Microbiology and Molecular laboratories.

The knowledge and skills that I am to gain from my training in these laboratories will definitely be useful in completing my project on antimicrobial tests for my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).