Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jamyang Choden and Leki Wangchuk of the Bhutan National Biodiversity Centre

Jamyang and LekiDuring our two weeks stay at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, we had the opportunity to learn wide range of chemical analysis techniques under different expertise. The knowledge and the experience which we learned and gained from different tutors will not only be valuable for the Centre in functioning of the analytical laboratory but was also extremely useful as an individual too.

Besides chemical analysis, we had the opportunity to interact and learn with other expertise: The scent trapping, extraction, microbiology and to interact and attended a Traditional Knowledge community meeting at one of the indigenous community of Sarawak. Therefore, we on behalf of our Centre would like to extend our gratitude towards SBC for giving us the opportunity.

Research Internship: Students of School of Engineer in Landscape and Horticulture in Angers, France


Julien Elise
Julien DeVienne Elise Maudry

We are two students from the School of Engineer in Landscape and Horticulture in Angers,(FRANCE). We are very happy to realize our first internship abroad in Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. During the 10 weeks period we have been working on various project related to our favorite subjects.

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Research Internship: Eva Bruketa and Maryam Abdul Rahman

Eva Bruketa Maryam Abdul Rahman
Eva Burketa Maryam Abdul Rahman

As two Life Science students at the University of Toronto, Canada working towards Bachelor Degrees in Science, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to experience the Sarawak Biodiversity Center’s Research Internship program. For four weeks we learned and worked in their facilities.

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Jenny Pfeiffer – Technical University Dresden, Germany

Jenny Pfeiffer – Technical University Dresden, GermanyI visited the SBC for a research internship, which was a part of my M.Sc. studies in Chemistry. During my stay I was attached to the microbe lab and my topic was occupying with isolation and identification of Myxobacteria. My field of interests are biodiversity, biochemistry and microbiology, but I was also keen to discover the unique nature of Malaysia. Thus, I could perfectly combine my interests for my research purposes in this internship.

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Thomas Ma: Volunteer Placement Programme

Thomas MaWe at SBC were delighted to host Thomas Ma on a volunteer placement programme.  Eighteen year old Thomas from the United Kingdom, had just finished his A Levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry.  He will enter the University of Bristol in September 2015 to study zoology.
Thomas’ objective to come to Sarawak on a volunteer placement was to learn about the fauna here while also gaining experience in field work in the forests.  During his time here, Thomas not only in participated in SBC’s programme, but also gained invaluable experience with Matang Wildlife Centre (Sarawak Forestry Corporation) and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Thomas, we hope that your experience in Sarawak will benefit your zoology studies and we wish you the very best in your future undertakings!

Jean-Jacques Sanglier

The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre is a dynamic organization, going step by step , with creativity and sustainability in the future. The group is young, determined, committed.


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Joshua Pandong, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)- Malaysia Program

Joshua PandongName: Joshua Pandong
Organization: Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)-Malaysia Program

Wildlife conservation has been an immense passion for me ever since I started my career with WCS-Malaysia Program in 2005. My first encounter with orang-utans in the wild in April 2006 at Batang Ai National Park: we were ‘ambushed’ by two juvenile orang-utans and caught underneath a broken tree branch thrown at us, became the turning point that grew my attitude from ‘just doing my job’ as a researcher into a sense of awe and respect, attraction and deep affection for the endangered yet very intelligent animal.

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Date updated: 19 January 2018.