Nurul Affifah
Nurul Afifah binti Nasir
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biology, UiTM Sabah Kampus Kota Kinabalu

First of all, I would like to thank SBC for accepting my industrial training application. I have accepted the offer from SBC and the duration of my training is 8 weeks.

I was attached to the Microbiology Laboratory. During the first week, I have learned how to prepare media, subculture the fungi and differentiate between fungi and actinomycetes.


The reason why I enjoyed it because of the hands-on experience throughout the training. I have experienced observing the unique morphology of the fungi.

Thus, the staff at SBC is really helpful and friendly too. I feel glad because I have made new friends from other universities, they are friendly and supporting friends. The staffs showed the great model and give such inspiration to me. Encouraged me to pursue education to higher level and try to achieve the great goals of working in a professional manner.

My training here would surely help me to adapt to the real working environment and train me to be more discipline. Lastly, I would like to be part of the biodiversity community here in the future.

Tan Jun Hao
Tan Jun Hao
Bachelor in Science, Industrial Chemistry Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Campus

First and foremost, I would like to thank Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for accepting my application to do my industrial training here. I was accepted to undergo 12 weeks of industrial training here. Currently, I’ve entered my 11th week of my industrial training, and I would say it has been quite an experience.

I was attached to the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory at the Integrated Biodiversity Research Building for my training. However, I was also assigned to other sections like Plant Preparation Laboratory and Public Awareness from time to time.

Here, I was taught by not only my supervisor, Mdm. Nuraqilah, but also other research officers and staffs. Mostly, I learnt about the process in the research of a plant, from preparing the plants, to extraction, and to analysis due to being assigned to various laboratories.

Besides from obtaining vast knowledge, I also obtained hands-on experience that cannot be felt during the last three years in my university such as getting the chance to operate analytical instruments.

As I learnt all the things above along the way, I was fortunate to be given advice by the staffs of SBC. They were very kind, friendly and were willing to teach even though they were not my supervisor.

As such, I am grateful for the great experience and friendly working environment given by SBC’s staffs during my industrial training. Also, I would like to thank the CEO of SBC, Dr Yeo for giving us, the students, and the opportunity of going on a day trip to Bako National Park.

Thank you, Sarawak Biodiversity Centre.

Voon Shuenn Yii
Voon Shuenn Yii
Bachelor of Science [Honors] [Biology] Universiti Sains Malaysia, Main Campus Induk

I’m currently a third-year student of USM which majoring in Microbiology and I’ve been carried out my industrial training at SBC for about 8 weeks. Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation towards SBC for accepting my application and giving me the opportunity to carry out my industrial training here. Throughout these unforgettable 8 weeks, I have learned a lot of knowledge and gained many hands-on experiences which I cannot obtain before this.

I was attached to Microbiology Laboratory for my industrial training at SBC and to be honest, this was my first choice in my application and I cannot express how great it was when I knew I get this opportunity! In Microbiology Laboratory, all of the staffs are friendly and willing to teach when I faced any problems or when I have any questions for my tasks. They tried hard to make me understand each and every task given to me, and I realised I learnt more effectively on this way.

In Microbiology Laboratory, most of the time I was assigned under Actino group or Fungus group. Here, I gained lots of hands-on experience and always have my chance to sharpen my practical skills from time to time. Starting of media preparation until capable to carry out the extraction process on my own, I realised that I have improved a lot. I was really thankful to Mr. Holed and Dr. Farith who always supervising me and at the same time correcting me when I did something wrong.

Other than the super-friendly staff I met at SBC, I also encounter a group of students which also carried out their industrial training there. Although we are from different universities and were not assigned in the same laboratory, we still managed to maintain a close relationship with each other. I would like to express my gratitude to all of the students who always lend their hands and I was always cheer up by their kindness as well as willingness to help.

Last but not least, I would like to express my greatest appreciation to all of SBC’s staff and other industrial training students again as, without them, I would not have such complete and memorable industrial training life. I pretty sure that I’ll never regret for choosing SBC as my industrial training place, and I believed SBC will be the best choice for other science students too. Thank you SBC, for giving me such priceless experiences!

Sonia Unyang Jau
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Chemistry UiTM Sarawak, Kampus Samarahan 2

First and foremost, I am feeling honour and thankful towards Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) for accepting me into their company for the past five weeks. I still have two weeks to complete my industrial training. I have yet to complete my industrial training here but I must say that it has been spectacular so far.

On the first day, I was being greeted with lovely smile from all staffs as I go around which I am grateful for. Honestly, first day in a new environment has always been nerve wreaking experience for me so thanks for making me feeling welcome. Although I was attached to the Extraction Lab, I was allowed to experience the cycles of plant samples analysis, starting from plant samples preparation to extraction process and finally instrumental analysis.

I have gained vase knowledge from the staffs here especially my supervisor, Madam Cynthia who has been patiently giving advises and guidance to me. Despite all the knowledge obtained, one thing that I will specially cherish will be the hand-on experience that I have obtained along the way which I found difficult to be encountered from my past years of study.

Lastly, I am enjoying my time here especially when we have our kind and friendly staffs that always willing to teach thus creating a very friendly working environment. I will gladly bring this meaningful experience together with me as I face the working world in the great future.

Once again, thank you.

Marsheilla Lia Anak Janing
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Conservation Biology Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu Campus

First of all, I would like to thank the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) for allowing me to undergo my internship programme there. It was such a pleasure for being accepted in such a well-respected organisation and working hand to hand with them during 12 weeks of the internship programme. I was attached to the Public Awareness section and I feel honoured to be the first student assigned to this section.

As the staffs were really friendly and kind, I felt well accepted here and they also always supervise and teach me how to do many things. In this section also, I have learned to communicate with the public in a much better way and improve my self-esteem. Involved in many exhibitions, conferences as well as promoting and selling LitSara products were such a very new experience to me but as time goes by, it becoming more fun and less stressful as I am getting more comfortable communicating with people.

As a conclusion, along my 12 weeks of internship programme here, I was really happy as all the staffs and the other industrial trainees were very kind and helpful. All the experiences and knowledge that I have gained in SBC will surely be very useful for my future working situation.

Thank you SBC!

Nurnadhirah Binti Norazman
Diploma in Applied Science Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)

Assalamualaikum and a very good day. I’m Nurnadhirah and currently in my 2nd year in diploma Applied Science in UTHM, Johor. I am now in my 8th week here and there are only 2 weeks to go. How time flies…

First of all, I would like to thank SBC for accepting my industrial internship here in SBC. I was so excited when I first googled where is SBC, seeing in photos having a very green environment, a bit far from the city, it was incredible and beyond expectation

I was attached to the Product Development. However, being in PD isn’t a barrier to me to gain knowledge in lab works such as in Extraction Lab & Preparation Lab. It was a very great opportunity.

Not just the knowledge that I gain, I’m also having fun here with all the students as well and the staffs. Recently we went for a trip to Bako National Park along with 4 staffs and Dr.Yeo himself!

Thank you to EVERYONE here in SBC for giving me such memorable and fun time during my time here in SBC.

Wynnie Alvynna Jane Jeffery
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Resource Biotechnology, University Malaysia Sarawak

My Industrial Training at Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) provided me with valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to apply what I have learnt in theory to real-life situations.

Although I am attached to the Molecular Biology lab, I also get to experience working at other lab like the Plant Tissue Culture lab. The various tasks I completed has given me a better outlook on what I would want to pursue in the future. I also benefitted from attending the International Conference on Beneficial Microbes (ICOBM).

The friendly and helpful staffs really provided the best learning and working experience and I have enjoyed the friendship with fellow Industrial Training students that was developed during my time working at SBC.

This has been an excellent Industrial Training experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank You SBC!

Eve Sanedi
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Resource Biotechnology Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

For a duration of only 10 weeks, I have gained more knowledge than I have expected. Since I was attached to the Algae Research Lab, I got the opportunity to do more hands-on laboratory work and I was able to apply the little knowledge I had about microalgae into my work. I knew so little about these microorganisms when I first started my industrial training and after my industrial training, it opened my eyes to realize how such tiny particles can have so much benefit. I got the opportunity to handle the microalgae in the lab mainly in processing and as well as isolation and purification. Who would have known algae would be so important and beneficial? My industrial training experience here definitely change my stereotype towards algae.

Other than that, my industrial training here in SBC has been a pleasant experience as all the staff here are very friendly and welcoming. The other industrial training students are also very kind and friendly which made my industrial training a better experience. My supervisor, Miss Hafizah has been a great mentor and role model to me as she is always ready to share her knowledge with me and supervising me in my laboratory work.

I would like to express my gratitude to Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for giving me this golden opportunity to experience the real working environment and to be able to undergo my industrial training here. I have learned so many, from plant preparation to harvesting algae sample, these are priceless knowledge and skills that I can apply in the future.

Yvonne Tiffany Anak Nisum
Yvonne Tiffany Anak Nisum
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Resource Biotechnology University Malaysia Sarawak

The first time I set my foot here, I expect it to be difficult as I have never experienced a real working environment especially here in Sarawak Biodiversity Centre as it is known to be a well organised research organisation. But instead, after spending about 10 weeks in SBC, I have experienced a lot of fun and able to improve myself with all the skills and knowledge I gained here. Here, I able to gain a lot of experience on lab research work and practical skills. Starting from harvesting algae culture, algae sample processing, isolation and purification of algae, media preparation and plant preparation, I was able to improve my hands-on skills under the real working environment. Besides, the other trainees and I was fortunate as we attend the highly informative ICOBM 2018 and the educational field trip to Bako National Park for the last few weeks ago.

I would like to express my highest gratitude to SBC for accepting me here as I can’t really tell how I feel when I know that I was accepted to do my industrial training in SBC. Assigned to the Algae Research Lab, I am super grateful to all who involved helping me during my industrial training time especially to my supervisor for always guiding me and to all the algae research team. Besides, also not forget to mention all the friendly and helpful SBC staffs and other industrial trainee for making my industrial training be more meaningful and knowledgeable.

The experiences I obtained here will be for sure help me a lot to be ready in a real working environment beside helping me on my final year research work and my study in the future.

Veronica Ezzlyn Anak Leslie
Veronica Ezzlyn Anak Leslie
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Resource Biotechnology, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

First and foremost I would like to thank Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for accepting me to conduct my industrial training here. I was accepted to undergo my industrial training for 10 weeks. My industrial training here was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I was attached to algae research lab. Here I learnt something new that is about rotifer which is a zooplankton. I never knew the present of this zooplankton until my supervisor told me about it. I also not only attach to the algae research, I also have the experienced to the other lab such as tissue culture, analytical chemistry and plant preparation. This industrial training really exposed me to a new knowledge and has given me a better outlook into what I want to pursue in the future. Besides, through this industrial training give me better understanding of what have I learned theoretically in the classroom and given the opportunity to apply it in real situation.

Other thing that I valued the most through this industrial training is the nice, and friendly staffs in SBC as they truly values their interns and always be a great mentor. The time I spend here has been tremendously valuable and for me SBC is the best platform to learn something new and applied our skill.

Nuruliana Khazhila Binti Edris
Bachelor Degree in Resource Chemistry, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

I would like to express my gratitude towards Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) for giving me the opportunities to complete my 10 weeks industrial training here. I have entered my 9th week of training and it has been great ever since the first day I came in.

I was attached to Analytical Chemistry Laboratory and my internship experience has taught me more than I could have imagined. In addition, very welcoming and easy-going staff members make me easier to blend in with this working environment.

This has truly been a great learning experience and I’ll be indebted to those who gave me a hand here. All I can say is that being part of SBC is worth every second of a lifetime. Thank you SBC =)!

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Chemistry, UiTM Sarawak Kampus Kota Samarahan 2

I would like to thank Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for the great opportunity to undergo my industrial training. I had gained so much new experiences in term of the real working life. This real experiences had taught me so much on how will I prepare myself in the future when entering into the real working world.

Throughout my training period, I had been attached to Product Development Laboratory whereby it was somehow matched with what I currently studied. Thus, this industrial training had somehow enabling myself to actually applied all the knowledge that I had learned so far in university.

Besides, I had also experienced the real vibes or environment of work and surprisingly I enjoyed it very much. The reason behind this is because, throughout my internship journey, I had met a lot of friendly, kind, and generous staffs. Therefore, this whole journey had actually left me with memorable and sweet memories.

All and all, I am grateful for all these amazing opportunities and I believe that all this new experiences and knowledge that I had gained will definitely help me out in my future career.

Joienna Anak John Sabadurai
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Chemistry, UiTM Sarawak Kampus Kota Samarahan 2

I have to say I will never forget my experience as an intern in Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC). None of those days I would imagine that I chose the right place to envision my future and at the same time developing my skills and knowledge with the help of awesome people around. The calming nature-like environment such SBC had also make my journey even more interesting.

I believe my internship here has taught me more about my field and widened up my perception towards Chemistry which is my major, through a real-world perspective. The countless hands-on experience and knowledge that has been passed down on me are priceless as I believe, to experience real knowledge must come along with practical skills where we can implement all the theories that we have learned during lectures into real life.

Although I was attached to the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, but I was also given the opportunity to work in other labs such as Plant Preparation Lab and Extraction Lab. This also indirectly exposed me to the real working environment. From this experience, I also learned that different field of expertise can produce some beneficial outcomes which caught my attention such as the utilization of local biological resources.

Not to forget the friendly staffs of SBC who are always ready to lend me their hands in the times of need, especially my supervisor Mr Julian Voong. Besides, the interactions that we had also help me to improve my soft skills and at the same time I get to self-reflect my weakness in order to be better. I believe that a good leader reflect the rest of the team members as I can see everyone in SBC resembles the CEO itself, Dr Charlie Yeo who was also kind and diligent towards us the students. I have to say our trip together to Bako National Park is my favourite!

Thank you for the effort to make our stay in SBC the best that we could have. Therefore, I am so grateful and blessed to be accepted to have my training here. Thank you once again for the meaningful memories and I wish everyone happiness throughout their journey with SBC.

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